Review: The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff Pack (PC)




Backyard Stuff is the 8th stuff pack to be released for The Sims 4, arriving just three weeks after Kids Room Stuff. The timing of Backyard Stuff fits well with blisteringly hot summer they’re having in the northern hemisphere, as it showcases fun summery activities like water slides.

The game comes with two water slides: a plain flat one, and a shark one. Naturally the shark one was my first choice, and the animations of the Sims using the slide did not disappoint. Sims can execute both normal slides and ‘trick’ slides, and build athletic skill in the process. Like other activities, they can fail spectacularly, and I have to admit that was my favourite part!


The other new gameplay item included in this stuff pack is the bird feeder, which lets you fill it with bird seed and watch the birds come to eat it. There’s a chance of the birds attacking your Sims they try to refill the bird seed, and Sims can gain various moodlets from these interactions. There are also wind chimes, which make different noises when you’re nearby. These are a nice little addition.

The rest of the stuff that comes in this pack is furniture for, you guessed it, your backyard. There’s a white picket fence, outdoor tables and chairs, and a new 6-seater umbrella table. The furniture comes in a variety of fun colours and designs, which are colourful but not as crazy as those in Movie Hangout Stuff. I was worried that Backyard Stuff would contain furniture that was too similar to that found in Perfect Patio Stuff, but the styles in this pack are pretty different.


There are plenty of decorative items to fill your backyard with, from a frog fountain to new flower pots, condiments and other knick-knacks in the same laid-back, fun style. Overall, I really like the stuff that’s included in this pack. There’s a modest selection of new clothes and hairstyles (for adults and kids!): mostly comfy shorts and t-shirts, and a couple of fun new multi-coloured hairstyles. (I realise I’ve used the word ‘fun’ quite a few times now, but that’s really the vibe I got from this pack.)

As always, whether this pack is for you depends on whether you like the items in it. Check out the trailer below for a visual overview of its contents. Personally, I really like the objects in this pack, and the water slide is a nice addition. I did find it odd that there were no new swimming costumes in this pack, given that the featured item is a water slide. I think Backyard Stuff might just be one of my favourite Sims 4 stuff packs so far.


  • New gameplay items are fun | Great new furniture styles | Includes some content for kids!


  • No new swimming costumes to go with the water slide


If your Sims enjoy outdoor activities, Backyard Stuff is the perfect stuff pack for you!


Gameplay - 8.5
Visuals - 8.5
Audio - 7.5
Gratification - 9
Value for money - 8.5
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