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The first stuff pack for The Sims 4 arrived last week, entitled Luxury Party Stuff. EA has decided to go the digital-only route with this stuff pack, and have priced it at R100 (UD$10). They’ve also changed the stuff pack formula a little bit by including items that have new gameplay options. Stuff packs have traditionally contained only, well, stuff – that is, new-look versions of items already in the game, generally centred around a theme. With The Sims 3 online store, it was possible to buy ‘premium items’, which were items that had new interactions and Sim animations associated with them. There is no online store for The Sims 4 (yet), but packs like Outdoor Retreat and Luxury Party Stuff help to fill that gap.

So let’s have a look at what Luxury Party Stuff has to offer.

Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff

With a reduced price comes a reduced scope. Luxury Party Stuff costs only R100, which is half the price of stuff packs in The Sims 3. As such, there are fewer items and outfits in this stuff pack than in packs for previous versions of The Sims franchise. There are only a dozen furniture items, including a new bar, table and chairs, and some lighting and decorative items. However, among these new items are three that provide new gameplay options: two round banquet tables, on which your Sims can serve numerous meals (including a few new meals) for their party guests, and a fountain that can be placed on top of these tables. The fountain can be set to produce chocolate, sparkling apple juice, fruit punch and so on. For Sims with the cooking skill, there are several more options.

While limited in number, these new items can really spruce up a room and give it a classy feel. Depending on your taste, they might be just what you need to throw glamorous parties at your Sims’ homes. The price of this stuff pack is not out of line with what you would have paid for a set of items in The Sims 3 store if that set contained premium items (items with new gameplay).

Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff

Like other stuff packs, Luxury Party stuff includes a variety of new outfits, hairstyles, accessories and even some makeup. All of these are for teen and older Sims, which makes sense, as there aren’t usually many children at these kinds of parties. Still, I’m always a little sad when there are no new items for young Sims. Again, there are fewer outfits that you might be used to in a stuff pack, but I must admit I really like the ones they’ve included here: they all follow the ‘luxury party’ theme with plenty of glitter and add a few revealing outfits for female Sims. For male Sims there are several rather over-the-top sparkly suits, which are perfect for Sims that really want to make an impression.

Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff

There are a few fun hairstyles for male Sims, plus some great fancy hairdos for female Sims. New shoes and accessories round out the collection, while female Sims also get a nice collection of glamorous makeup to go with their new outfits.

All in all, this is a nice little pack that can add a bit of sparkle to your Sims’ events. While this pack is smaller in scope than what we’re used to with stuff packs, it does have some fun new gameplay items and a very specific focus (luxury parties, of course). Despite being digital only, the download is smaller than the last game patch – somewhere between 100 and 200 MB, so it’s not devastating to capped users. Whether Luxury Party Stuff is for you really depends on your taste. Check out the launch trailer below: it shows all the new items and outfits.

Launch trailer:


  • Great outfits and hairdos | New gameplay objects


  • Smaller than normal stuff packs (though the price has been reduced)


Add a touch of glamour to your Sims' parties with the first stuff pack for The Sims 4. If you (or your Sims) love glitter and fancy parties, this is a great little pack.


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 8.5
Audio - 7.5
Gratification - 8
Value for money - 8
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