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Way back in November last year (another lifetime perhaps?), The Sims team announced a new community voted stuff pack. After the community voted in Laundry Day in early 2018, the voting process was streamlined and improved, following a more logical order. There were some intriguing themes to chooses from, including self-care, science and technology, happy haunts, fun-tech, and arts and crafts.

And like with Laundry Day, the overwhelming community choice was for the most mundane of the available options, with the arts and crafts theme winning the first vote, with knitting as the most popular gameplay feature. I guess it goes to show that Simmers really just want to see more everyday life activities in the game.

In December, the community picked the overall art style of the pack, DIY Delight, followed by voting for specific clothing and objects to be included in the pack over the next few months. Sadly, because of the limited scope of a stuff pack, only a handful of the beautiful items in the vote could be included in the final pack.

Finally, in April, the community chose ‘Nifty Knitting’ as the title of the pack, along with the knitting basket pack icon. And here we are now, with the pack finally out in the wild. Let’s take a look at what this pack has to offer.


As expected, this pack includes the items voted for by the community. However, not all items are unlocked from the beginning. Given the nature of the pack, some of the items need to be knitted by your Sims in order to unlock them in CAS. Of course, there’s a cheat to simply unlock all of them if you prefer.

There are new clothing items available for all age groups, which is always a pleasant surprise. The new hairstyles are also really cool, and available for children as well. The clothing is nice if a bit boring in some cases (with masculine Sims drawing the short straw as usual). There are a few really cute pieces, with some of the nicest items being the knittable ones. There are also knittable baby onesies, which are not available in CAS but are a welcome addition.

Gameplay and Stuff

As voted for by the community, Nifty Knitting includes a range of Pinterest-worthy craft room furniture, including craft desks and pin boards. Perhaps most notable is the two-piece craft desk that can be used separately or as one unit. It has storage for all sorts of crafting goodies and definitely looks like something I’ve seen on Pinterest.

An initial look through the Build/Buy catalogue might have you a little concerned, as there’s fewer items than are normally included in a stuff pack. That’s because a large number of items need to be unlocked via the new knitting skill (or a cheat, of course). With the new rocking chair (or any chair, really) and knitting basket, your Sim can sit back and begin their journey towards knitting-related repetitive strain injuries. (Okay, they can’t get RSI but they do get bored from ‘over-knitting’.) Unskilled or grumpy knitters may botch a project, and items may also be pulled apart.

As your Sim works their way through the knitting skill (and the new knitting-related aspiration, if they like), they’ll be able to knit rugs, poufs, socks, beanies, sweaters, mailbox cozies, and hanging plants, as well as a range of adorable amigurumi (knitted creatures/toys). Each of these items comes in half a dozen or so colour options. Unfortunately, the more items (and their individual colour swatches) your Sims unlocks, the more time you’ll spend looking through menus for an item to knit. A more streamlined menu system for this would have made the task less daunting.

Knitted items can be gifted to other Sims, added to the household wardrobe in the case of clothing, or placed around the house. They can also be donated to charity or listed on Plopsy, a new online marketplace for your Sims, much like real-world Etsy. Your Sims can also buy items from Plopsy, or sell non-perishable items from other skills already in the game.


Nifty Knitting has a lot to offer fans of knitting or knitted items, and crafters in general who would like to decorate their Sims’ homes with the beautiful dream craft room furniture here. The ability to sell items on Plopsy instead of just selling them into the void directly from inventory is a nice addition. I would have loved knitting to be part of a bigger arts and crafts pack, rather than a limited-scope stuff pack, but maybe one day we’ll get something along those lines.

Check out the trailer to get a better idea of the items included in the pack!


  • Beautiful craft room furniture
  • Wide range of cute knittable items
  • Sell your Sims' creations on Plopsy


  • Some 'boring' clothing items
  • Only one beanie!
  • High level knitting means a lot of scrolling through menus to find what you want


A nice little stuff pack for crafters and knitters, with plenty to create and unlock. It does feel like a missed opportunity for a bigger arts and crafts pack, however.


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