Review: The Sims 4 – Romantic Garden Stuff Pack (PC)




Another new stuff pack for The Sims 4 has arrived, bringing with it fresh content to tide Sims fans over until the next big release. Romantic Garden Stuff is the 6th stuff pack for Sims 4, and the 10th paid-for content pack for this game, which has only been out for a little less than a year and a half. Let’s have a closer look at Romantic Garden Stuff to see what it has to offer.


Where Movie Hangout Stuff was a bit of a mixed bag, Romantic Garden Stuff has a much more cohesive theme. There’s a good selection of new outfits for male and female adult Sims, along with a hairstyle for each. Female children get two hairstyles and a couple of new outfits, while male children get just one hairstyle and a new shirt (both of which happen to be the same ones that female children get). There are quite a lot of colour and design choices for each new item of clothing, providing quite a variety of new looks to try out. The new adult female hairstyle is gorgeous and probably my favourite hairstyle in the game.


There are several objects that offer new gameplay, including the wishing well, which Sims can donate money to and then make wishes. Wishes range from wishing for wealth to wishing for children, and may have unexpected results! The well itself has some pretty cool animations when Sims make wishes. The other new interactive item is the ‘Fountain of Gluteus Maximus’, which is a huge fountain with ample place to sit and chat to friends or lovers, or play in. It fits perfectly into just about any park setting.


The rest of this stuff pack consists of decor for, you guessed it, a romantic garden setting. The objects have an old-fashioned, almost Victorian feel, and include stone archways, benches and statues which can be plain or mossy. There’s a gorgeous overgrown fountain and a comically large rose bush, as well as a flower-covered set of monkey bars, plus some fences, pillars and windows to match the theme. Finally, there is a selection of new plants to complement your new romantic garden. Each of these comes in a variety of colours which should allow you to create vibrant gardens to suit your Sims’ tastes. I used the new objects to redecorate my Sim family’s cemetery, as you can see above.

Overall, I really liked this stuff pack. It adds exactly what I like in a stuff pack: items to enhance my Sims’ home and neighbourhood without me needing to build entire new rooms to use the objects. The new plants and outdoor items are perfect to spruce up any garden.


  • Lovely new outfits | Beautiful, old fashioned new items


  • Not much for kids (again)


Spruce up any garden with this new stuff pack, or make a wish and hope it turns out okay for your Sim!


Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 8
Audio - 7.5
Gratification - 8.5
Value for money - 8.5
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