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Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack

The Sims 4 releases its ninth stuff pack, Vintage Glamour Stuff. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you might have noticed that I quite like stuff packs. After all, what is The Sims without a constant stream of new outfits and furniture to add to your game?

All the stuff packs released for The Sims 4 so far have been focused around a pretty specific theme, and with the possible exception of Movie Hangout Stuff, have provided a solid selection of clothing and items to match that theme. Movie Hangout Stuff included some cool, funky furniture, even if its relevance to the ‘movie’ theme was a bit iffy. With Vintage Glamour Stuff, we once again get a nice selection of items and clothing, but I’m still a bit fuzzy as to what their unifying theme is.



Vintage Glamour Stuff includes two new gameplay items and a new NPC. Butlers make a return from previous versions of the game. They’re live-in NPCs that your wealthier Sims families can hire. They don’t count towards your 8-Sim household limit, and they do all the tasks your Sims are too lazy to do – cooking, cleaning, repairing, taking care of the children, and so on. They can have unfortunate traits, like kleptomania, so you might need to fire a few before you find a good fit. They also like to have their own bed in your house, though of course that’s not essential. Your Sims can also summon the butler at any time by ringing a little bell. If your Sims are truly lazy, or are really busy, the butler is just what you need.

The new gameplay objects are the globe bar, which is one of those world globes that opens up to reveal a mini bar hidden inside. Kid Sims can play with the globe – their paranoid reactions when they think they might have broken it are adorable, and adult Sims can of course use it to fix themselves a drink. The other new item is the vanity mirror, which functions as a normal mirror, and also lets Sims sit in front of it and apply temporary makeup. This won’t take you into Create-A-Sim, but will simply let you choose a style and colour of makeup to apply. This makeup lasts until your Sim bathes or changes into certain outfits. Kids can also attempt to put on makeup, with varying degrees of success.



As the name sort of suggests, Vintage Glamour Stuff includes a lot of expensive-looking furniture, including some beds, tables, chairs and couches, as well as curtains and shiny wallpapers. It’s pretty nice stuff for the most part, with some old fashioned stuff, plus some really weird stuff, like a gold giraffe with a lampshade for a head, thrown in. The clutter and flower items are probably my favourites. (Okay, and the giraffe lamp.) The colour options of the new furniture is a pretty strange selection though. Most of the options are stylish blacks, greys and golds, but there are also some weird pink, blue and purple options.

The clothing is where I feel this pack falls a little short. There are some beautiful outfits for female Sims, and an interesting selection of male Sims items, but the selection feels a little limited. Even with a host of colour options for each of the clothing items included, plus some new shoes, accessories and hairstyles, it feels like there is less clothing than other stuff packs. So while you might be able to give a couple of Sims a glamorous vintage look, I’m not sure there’s enough variety to have a whole party of friends in themed outfits.


Overall, I have mixed feelings about this pack. The vintage part of the theme really doesn’t inspire me, and doesn’t really come across that strongly in the items and clothing included in the pack. I like most of the new objects, as they allow me to add a classy, if grey, feel to just about any room. The globe bar is a fun little object, and the vanity mirror brings some gameplay we really haven’t seen in a Sims title before. The butler has always been a cool NPC, and is especially great if your Sims are busy with other things and don’t want to bother with housework and gardening on a daily basis. I really wish there were more hairstyles and outfits in this pack. The theme offered a huge array of inspiration to draw upon, but we’ve only been given a handful of (albeit very nice) items for Sims to wear.


EA provided me with a review code for this stuff pack, however, this review reflects my honest thoughts about this stuff pack. 


  • The butler is back | Cool new gameplay items | Nifty new pyjamas


  • Needs more outfits | Theme doesn't come across very well


A new stuff pack means new... stuff! But where are all the outfits?


Gameplay - 7.5
Visuals - 8
Audio - 8
Gratification - 6
Value for money - 6
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