Review: Wolfenstein II: Freedom Chronicles – The Diaries of Agent Silent Death (PS4)



The Freedom Chronicles is the fancy name for Wolfenstein II’s season pass. With it you get three episodes of added gameplay that follows a couple of different characters that take the fight to the Nazi regime. Near the end of last year, we got The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe, which follows the story of African American Quarterback turned slave as he ploughs through the Nazi ranks to exact revenge on some higher-up that somehow deserved to die.

Now comes the next story, more specifically The Diaries of Agent Silent Death. You take on the role of Jessica Valiant, a retired agent that gets a secret mission to go assassinate the three people that were responsible for her husband’s death. Sounds intriguing right? Well, not quite.

The Diaries of Agent Silent Death

As can be expected from the title of the episode, the focus is a lot more on stealth. You get a few cool perks to help you on your way, such as being able to contort yourself through very narrow spaces to get to new areas and surprise your enemies, or the ability where time slows down when a soldier detects you, which gives you time to pull off a quick kill before he sounds an alarm. Both of these abilities makes for a fun and different Wolfenstein experience, which I kind of enjoyed. The focus is on the stealth yet, but at no point did it feel mandatory, just a lot more fun to do. It also didn’t ruin the pace of the game either, since you move through a level pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, that is also part of the problem. The DLC is very short, even shorter than the first one, and can be cleared in less than an hour if you’re really good. It also doesn’t help that each of the three levels feel almost the same and they are very linear. You do get one or two different approaches to tasks at hand, but it all comes down to the same thing. The bosses, or the targets that you hunt, also don’t feel like a climax, there is no fanfare, no trick to it, if you get close enough, you can take them out with a knife or a headshot without too much fuss. And once the job is done, it’s a matter of finding the nearest exit to clear the mission.

It feels very cheap and rushed, and I will lie if I say I’m not a bit disappointed. The character of Jessica Valiant is interesting enough, but all she does is give exposition on how she would rather be drinking expensive whiskey on a beach somewhere in Brazil. There is nothing else to this DLC, and on its own, it really falls short by a long shot. I mentioned in the review of The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe that you will probably have to look at the entire package before considering the DLC, and that still rings true. But the latest instalment really doesn’t help that cause as it brings nothing interesting or new to the table.

The next and final episode of The Freedom Chronicles is due in the next few months, and how that goes down will go a long way in determining the viability of this expansion to the rather exceptional Wolfenstein Saga. But for now, the latest chapter really can just go and die a silent death.


  • Stealth elements are fun
  • Really not much else


  • It took me longer to write this review than to clear it
  • Linear and boring
  • Brings nothing new to the table


The latest chapter in The Freedom Chronicles is kind of short, which is okay, since it's not really that good to begin with.


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