Review: Wolfenstein II: Freedom Chronicles – The Deeds of Captain Wilkins (PS4)



The Freedom Chronicles is the Season Pass DLC for the stellar Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus which released last year. It consists of three parts, each telling a story of a different person who takes the fight to the Nazis. The Deeds of Captain Wilkins is the third and last of the Freedom Chronicles.

I need to kill more NAZIS!

This DLC follows the story of World War II veteran, Captain Gerald Wilkins. His special ability include the use of the Kampfwanderer, a special pair of boots that can extend to allow him to reach higher places. It is mainly used as a mechanic to progress to the next part of a level, and not much more. While The Dairies of Agent Silent Death had a bit of a stealth mechanic to it, The Deeds of Captain Wilkins was mostly just about mowing through more Nazis, and it is better in a way. While the stealth is entertaining enough, going in guns blazing and having a bit of armour to do it is a lot more fun.

Of the three DLCs, I found the bit of story that’s there a bit more entertaining, since there is a bit of a twist to the plot. It also have a bit of humour to it, and pokes fun at Captain Wilkins’ insatiable need to kill more Nazis, which is also a bit of a stab at us the players and the series as a whole. Wilkins and the few side characters are a lot of fun, and there’s some entertaining dialogue and banter between them. As is the case with all the DLC in the Freedom Chronicles, it is very short, and can be finished in no more than two hours or so. Other than that, there’s not much more that can be said about The Deeds of Captain Wilkins which has not already been said.

The Freedom Chronicles as a whole package

I feel it is important to give some opinion and overall impressions of The Freedom Chronicles now that all the episodes have been released. First off, I feel that the overall package is pretty decent, especially if you consider the regular price of R399. For that, you get about six to seven hours of added content to an already lengthy main game. The biggest issue though is the missed opportunity in terms of varied gameplay and character building and development. It is understandable that developing on the emotions and motivations of three characters can be pretty hard in such a short time, but a bit more effort in that department could’ve gone a long way in giving the DLC a bit more value. Also, the second episode that is about Agent Silent Death was dull and boring with the worst character of the lot.

The biggest issue though is the missed opportunity in terms of varied gameplay and character building and development.

Overall, I think it is a decent enough package, and looking at the fact that the season pass is a few months old already, I won’t be surprised if you get it for cheaper very soon.


  • Story is decent
  • Humour
  • Killing Nazis


  • Short
  • More of the same


The Deeds of Captain Wilkins closes out the Freedom Chronicles DLC for Wolfenstein II. It's decent enough, but its short playtime might leave you a bit unsatisfied.


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