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Are you a sadistic human being by nature? You’ve come to the right place as this is tailor made just for you. Worms W.M.D is not a place where you make friends. Oh no, it’s an enemy breeding ground that where lines are drawn with bazookas, grenades and flying sheep.

For those not aware, Nintendo themselves are a little looney at the best of times and that is where Team 17s classic turn-based action game comes into play. These Worms are not all quite with it. They have one thing in mind – complete carnage and destruction of anything and everything in sight. Gone are the three-dimensional attempts and in its place you have a classic 2D Worms game that is as close as it’s ever been to that very first game the world fell in love with over 20 years ago. They have all the weapons and tools to create all sorts of chaos and it requires only one ingredient to make this game of creative war entertaining – you.

The early grenade catches the worm

As with the original game Worms W.M.D is only as exciting and fun as your imagination allows it to be. Players will find that the port comes loaded with all the extra bells and whistles found on other versions in the single-player campaign. If this is your first Worms game (welcome! We’ll be arch enemies soon!) there’s an in-depth training mode teaching you the ins and outs of using your weapons, traversing, dealing with wind and various other elements and factors that could affect the outcome of any match. Those familiar with it can dive right into the campaign and if you’re a veteran who needs a challenge you’ll find Extra, Bonus and Challenge modes to test all of your abilities. There’s quite a bit in the single-player game to enjoy, though I found that the AI a little too skilled for their own good. Any move I would attempt midway into the campaign was met with pinpoint accuracy, often leaving me frustrated. Once you have a hang of it it’s time to head where the fun really begins, multiplayer.

Worms W.M.D gets it very, very right on the Switch.

Multiplayer is the essence of any Worms game. Get it wrong and it fails. Hit the nail on the head and you’re in for hours and hours of fun. Worms W.M.D gets it very, very right on the Switch. On the Nintendo Switch it gives a new meaning to the word ‘multiplayer’ in a Worms game. There are so many ways to play it with friends or strangers that it really comes down to your own preferences. Firstly you can wirelessly connect with friends in the same room as you with up to five other Nintendo Switch consoles so each person has their own screen to play on. If you’d like to keep it traditional a local game can be hosted whereby only one controller is required and gets passed between players, or you can take it online and play private or ranked games… and you can do this anywhere you want. It’s the perfect party game when on vacation, or when visiting friends and family. I don’t suggest the latter. Family functions are awkward enough as it is. Wait a minute, let me explain what is new and why it’s just so enjoyable.

First up is the customisation. Be it your team of worms or the landscape, anything can be customized. Everything from the team name, down to the worm voices and accents through to their victory dances and gravestones can be changed up. Angry Scots, English Bobby’s, Drill Instructors and more injects a unique personality for each team of Worms you create. As you make your way through the campaign you’ll unlock additional speechbank voice options, hats and more, so there’s good reason to give the single-player a good go. When it comes to landscapes there are nine theme variances that can be generated based on size and type (caverns, single island and multiple island). The scope of customising is just enormous in the game. It all comes down to creating a playground where you’ll end up having the most fun.

We’ll Make ya Dangerous

Alongside your traditional weaponry Worms W.M.D has introduced vehicles that play a strategic role in how the battle will pan out. Sheep, Holy hand grenades and Concrete Donkeys can only help you so much and these vehicles can each turn any match around and play right into your hands, should you know how to make use of it. There’s the helicopter that allows you to fly about the level and rain down bullets on any unfortunate Worms below. It’s particularly effective when there are nuclear canisters in play. The tank shoots off 6 rounds that can destroy a worm or its hideout but is also great as a defence mechanism if your health is low and you need protection. Another noteworthy vehicle is the Mech. Traversing around the landscape can be done with ease as it can jump and glide to areas generally out of reach, and when you do find yourself next to some unfortunate worm it’ll perform a ground slam that results in significant health loss for your opponent. The inclusion of vehicles is fun and useful, but it just can’t replace the traditional weapon set.

There is no other game in our industry that plays as well off the schadenfreude moments you’ll experience among other players.

When not on the lookout for health pack or weapon crate drops you’ll be strategically working out ways to topple your opponent. Ninja ropes, ladders, blow torches, teleporting and all weird and wonderful ways of transporting will set n00bs and veterans apart from each other. The Bazooka, Hand Grenade, Dragon Punch and Shotgun will still form the basis of your most lethal attacks. You’ll need it as Worms can now hide inside buildings that hide their whereabouts. Don’t have the item you need? Well, you can now create it via parts you’ll pick up in crates. Create that baseball bat while it’s your opponents turn. Worms W.M.D thrives on what originally made this series such a classic and the additional upgrades fit in well with that original recipe.

There is no other game in our industry that plays as well off the schadenfreude moments you’ll experience among other players. Seeing someone fail in their attempt to overpower you is loaded with heaps of satisfaction. Worms W.M.D begs you to experiment and to fail and learn from it. It’s fun, quirky, addictive, sadistic, hilarious and is the perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.


  • Maintains what made the original game so much fun
  • Seeing your enemy mess up and blowing themselves up
  • Up to six players using one controller
  • Vehicles are a great addition


  • The campaign is okay, but gets old quickly
  • AI is ruthless


Explosive action combined with the wacky humour of the Worms series makes W.M.D a fantastic game on the Nintendo Switch. If you're in it for single player you'll get bored quickly, but stick around for multiplayer action and you'll be playing this for years.


Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I'll play it, no matter the format.

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