SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive



If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of wanting to quickly and easily transfer files to your mobile device, SanDisk has a solution for you. No more mucking around with Dropbox or similar apps, there is finally a process that’s as easy as copying files to a flash drive and accessing them on your mobile device (Apple, I’m looking at you!)

The SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive does what it says on the box. You can use it like a normal flash drive, and plug it into the USB port of your computer. Its lightning fast read and write speeds are a nice bonus here. The device also charges its battery while plugged into your computer, or you can plug it into an AC adapter to charge it (though an adapter is not included).

Once you’ve added some content to the flash drive, and removed it from your computer, you just need to download a small, free app onto your Android or iOS device. Activating the wireless feature of the flash drive is as easy as holding down the only button on the device. Then you just need to connect your mobile device to the WiFi network generated by the flash drive (you can set a password for this if you want to), and open up the app you just downloaded. The top of the flash drive slides up to protect the USB connector while you’re not using it. The whole thing is less than 8cm long – nice and compact.


From within the SanDisk app, you can browse everything that’s stored on the flash drive, including viewing documents (we tried out some PDFs, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets). The speed at which the large PDFs loaded was really impressive. You can also view photos individually or as a slide show, and listen to music. The only limitation is that you can’t listen to a music track on the flash drive and browse other files at the same time. However, you can save any of the files on the flash drive to your device.

Where the device really shines is its video streaming. We put some 720p videos onto the flash drive and streamed them onto three iOS devices simultaneously without so much as a pause in playback! (It didn’t want to load the 1080p video we tried.) Whether watching the same video, or several different ones across our three devices, or even downloading the file to one of the iPads while the others streamed it, the playback was absolutely smooth.

This flash drive requires no Internet connection, but it does allow you to connect to your wireless Internet through the app if you want to download updates for the firmware and so on. The range of the flash drive’s WiFi hotspot is also rather impressive – I was able to stream video all the way at the bottom of our garden and at the far end of the house!

All in all, this little wireless flash drive feels like gadget I’ve been waiting for since I got my iPad and iPhone – quick and easy transfer of files, plus the ability to watch videos and access my other media without needing to use up the storage on my mobile device! Did I mention the storage on this flash drive is expandable through a microSDHC card?


  • Really easy to use, Speedy data transfer, Good signal range


  • No 1080p, a tad pricey


Value - 7.5
Performance - 9
Features - 8
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