Borderlands games being review bombed on Steam due to 2K’s Epic decision

Steam users ironically the ones shooting themselves in the head.

Take-Two Interactive signs up Dead Space director to a new game development studio

Michael Condrey is back and working on a new unannounced game.

Experience the cel-shaded world of Borderland 2’s Pandora in PSVR

Pandora gets in your face this December on PSVR.

The next Civilization VI patch will keep you from losing your religion

Get ready for religious warfare to follow many of the rules that make conventional warfare work so well.

Meet the Templars, XCOM 2’s new psionic elites

Get ready to wield Psiblades and dash into battle. No, not a Protoss Zealot, these are the psionic Templars.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen showcases a new enemy type, the Lost

The future according to XCOM just gets bleaker as we learn what happened to those who were lost.

Time to hop in for a few more turns with Civilization VI’s spring update

Sometimes when a new 4X game comes out, I go through phases of intense playing followed by long breaks. This has happened in Civilization VI and while I really enjoy the game, sitting and playing an entire game from 4,000 BC to winning a space race takes a lot of time, making it pretty much the only thing I do that day.  Now the Spring update for the game is out, with a whack of balance changes an...

WWE 2K17 DLC includes flubbed line

Oh Yukes, you never change. In the recent Hall of Fame Showcase DLC Pack for WWE 2K17, the inclusion of a flubbed line is a harsh reminder of the usual standard of care taken by Developer Yuke’s. Hahaha 2K doesn't care they didn't even bother to edit Lawler flubbing and rereading thishttps://t.co/69VmUFmJvz pic.twitter.com/jkAkc5R6SN — It's KFG (@KungFu_Grip) February 21, 2...

PC version of Mafia 3 now patched to run at 60fps… and more

Last week we reported that the PC version of Mafia 3 was limited to run at a framerate of 30fps. People playing the title on PC will be pleased to know that 2K and Hanger 13 have stayed true to their word and have patched this issue days into the release of the game. Players can now choose to run the game at 30fps, 60fps or at unlimited frames per second if their hardware allows for it. Here is th...

PC version of Mafia 3 locked at 30fps… for now

Today sees the launch of the highly anticipated open-world crime game, Mafia 3. Much to the disdain of those planning to get the game on PC, 2K & Hanger 13 have stated that it will be capped at 30fps on that particular format. The good news is that the studio has been working on a patch which should roll out this weekend. There is the official statement: We know how important having options th...

Video: WWE 2K17 MyCareer

I remember playing WWE 2K15 and wondering what on earth 2K were doing with the game. When they took over the license there was so much potential given what they have done on the NBA side of things. 2K15 was terrible, to put it kindly. WWE 2K16 was the make or break for them. If it followed the trend of 2K15 it was surely going to die out a slow death. Thankfully, it didn’t. While 2K16 was fa...

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