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Rumour: A new BioShock game is being secretly developed

While being real hush-hush about it, it sounds like a new BioShock is in the pipes.

Review: Civilization VI: Rise and Fall DLC (PC)

A great nation has a colourful history, this expansion reminds you of your heights and failings.

A primer on the new features of Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion

Civilization VI has already made me regret playing into the small hours of the morning, saying “one more turn”, and it doesn’t look like it plans on stopping this anytime soon.  The expansion for the game, Rise and Fall, adds gold ages and dark ages and makes your game have a sense of history and meaning as you pass through the various eras. For example, every era will have a sco...

Civilization VI is getting an expansion called Rise and Fall in February

Clear your schedule in February, the turns are calling us back.

Opinion: NBA 2K18 is nearly ruined by microtransactions

A game that plays so well being ruined by greed.

Review: NBA 2K18 (Xbox One)

The only name in basketball that can paint a better picture of the game is Michael Jordan.

Battleborn gets a new competitive mode to try attract fresh blood

This way the six people still playing Battleborn can all play together.

Civilization VI update tweaks AI, fixes pile of bugs

I have been playing a lot of Civilization VI and wondering why the AI keeps churning out outdated catapults and religious units. It turns out I am not the only person with this issue and Civilization VI’s AI is getting a patch today, improving the way it builds a military as well as allowing the AI to try win Science and Tourism victories. The latest update is out right now and comes in at 2...

Review: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (PC)

Civilization VI is a celebration of how far the series has come from its 2D roots.

Evolve is now officially dead

Evolve was a modern day tragedy in the gaming industry. It had an interesting premise, great potential and was gearing up to be one of the premier multiplayer titles of this generation. Then they decided to lock almost everything behind premium DLC, have egregious pre-order bonuses and releasing in an incomplete state. People liked it for like a couple of days and then its popularity took a nosedi...

PC Port Test: Mafia 3

You have probably read Dawid’s review of Mafia 3 already, so I am not going to spend extra time going over the game’s good story getting bogged behind tedious busywork. Instead let us look at how it runs on PC. Welcome to New Bored though! The first issue was the game being locked at 30 fps on PC. A patch was released that removed the limit, allowing for more control over the graphics ...

Review: XCOM 2 (PS4)

Console peasants are finally able to experience the glory of XCOM 2. But will it hold up?

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