Review: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4 Pro)

More like Shadows Die all the time.

Review: Hitman 2 (PS4 Pro)

The bald and the beautiful.

Review: Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Definitive Edition (PS4 Pro)

Does one simply walk back into Mordor?

Review: Omensight (PS4)

Stuck at the end of the planet, only you can solve the mystery.

Review: State of Decay 2 (Xbox One S)

There are three lethal things in the wastelands: zombies, bugs and tedium.

The Burning Question: Are you a one genre gamer?

Do you stick to one sauce, or do you dabble in the plethora of many different flavours out there?

Review: Samurai Riot (PC)

Samurai Riot returns to the roots of the beat-em-up, but doesn't add the flavour we crave.

NieR Automata’s “Death is Your Beginning” launch trailer sets a beautiful tone

NieR Automata is closely upon us! The sequel to one of the most overlooked gems of the seventh generation is releasing locally in just two days. Publisher Square Enix decided to unload a final launch trailer to remind everyone why they should give this game a chance. The trailer shows off some of the accolades the game has been getting from reviewers, which has been pretty good. The combat, which ...

Sega dishing out weekly Yakuza 0 DLC for free

Yakuza 0 is out now in the west. As a long-time fan that sentence is still thrilling to say. While just the game being in my hands is great enough, Sega is sweetening the deal. Every week, Sega will be pushing out free DLC until Valentine’s Day. Sega will be adding these through weekly patches. Once players have downloaded, they will have to go find Bob the Clown who will provide Kazuma or Majima ...

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