Review: Destiny 2: Warmind (PS4)

Ra-ra-Rasputin, lover of a short story.

Burning Question: Which game franchise did you just kinda go.. ‘meh’?

I know you're all excited for this one, but I'll give it a skip.

Tony Hawk isn’t working with Activision anymore on his titular franchise

After the disaster which was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, it's no surprise that Tony Hawk himself wanted to kickflip out of there.

Founders of CoD WWII developer Sledgehammer Games leave the studio

Coming off the successful Call of Duty WWII, the directors and founders of the depart the studio for publisher roles.

Rumour: Spyro the Dragon flaming his way back onto the PS4

Excitedly shaking in your Gnorc-boots yet? Spyro is back!

Opinion: Gamers, we really are our own worst enemy

DLC, microtransactions, loot boxes - there's no one else to blame but ourselves.

Open Letter: Thanks Bungie, for making me love other games again

Truly thank you Bungie, for messing this one up.

Eric Hirshberg is stepping down as Activision CEO

After serving as CEO for eight years, Hirshberg is walking away.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best FPS Game (Multiplayer)

Because socialising is the name of the game unless you want to murder each other (or do both at the same time).

Review: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (PS4)

Curse of Osiris makes a step in the right direction, but not a big enough stride.

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