Eric Hirshberg is stepping down as Activision CEO

After serving as CEO for eight years, Hirshberg is walking away.

SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best FPS Game (Multiplayer)

Because socialising is the name of the game unless you want to murder each other (or do both at the same time).

Review: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (PS4)

Curse of Osiris makes a step in the right direction, but not a big enough stride.

Get ready for frosty boots on the ground in Call of Duty WWII with Winter Siege

We know nothing about this white Christmas stuff, but double XP and gun game? That we can understand.

Still unsure if Destiny 2 is for you? Free trial starts today

A free trial to see if you want to be a Guardian. Destiny goes Destifree.

Bungie changes Destiny 2’s unfair XP scaling system after outcry from fans

Bungie were taking Destiny 2 players for a ride without them knowing. Now they're backpedalling.

Review: Call of Duty WWII (PS4)

Call of Duty has gone back to its roots, with smatterings of loots and zombies to boot.

A year after scandal, TmarTn is now promoting Call of Duty: WW2

The YouTuber who failed to disclose his ownership of the website he promoted is now working with Activision to promote COD: WW2.

Livestream: Come win a PS4 copy of Call of Duty: WWII on the stream

Come watch WWII turn into a party, according to Dave.

Video: The Fox Hole: Episode 7 – Grand prize giveaway

Want to win an some Call of Duty WWII swag? Of course you do.

Review: Destiny 2 (PC)

Shooty looty space Noun fighter is finally on PC. Gather your guns, we are going on an adventure.

Destiny 2 pre-load is now active, along with PC requirements

Get ready Guardians, it is time for us to take the battle to the enemy, mouse in hand.

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