Crucible is shedding modes to focus on a single system

Season 1 start delayed to bring polish and requested features.

Amazon will reportedly enter the cloud gaming scene next year

Things are about to get spicy in the game streaming world.

Amazon UK lists Watch Dogs Legion

The pre-pre-E3 show starts.

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey marketing team is having a really good time with Alexios

Alexios is not only a Spartan Warrior but also your personal assistant and he has a sense of humour.

Prime services are changing, Twitch and Amazon are removing features

Twitch and Amazon Prime have decided to transform a bit, but they're Optimustic people will still enjoy their services.

Twitch will start selling games soon

Twitch has become absolutely massive in recent years. What started off as a novel concept of streaming your gameplay live has evolved in what can suitably be called an empire. There’s huge potential in the streaming business and Twitch is undoubtedly at the top of it right now. With that, they’ve decided to expand their horizons using their affiliation with Amazon. They’ll soon i...

Amazon lists Batman: Arkham Origins Complete Edition

Now that we all know that Batman: Arkham Knight has been delayed to 2015, February to be exact, there’s not much coming from the Warner Bros. camp this year, outside of Shadow of Mordor. So what’s the next move? Release a Complete Edition with all the DLC. That’s right, buy the complete game as you would have years ago before we had the internet taking over and eating away more o...

Start Saving for these Order 1886 Collector’s Editions

Once again Amazon is the first online retailer to let loose some juicy pre-order collector’s edition, and their latest one for the Order 1886 will make your mouth water. There are two collector’s editions, the first one is (stupidly) named “The Collector’s” edition and the second, “The Premium” edition. Both are fantastic CE’s to pre-order, but obvio...

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