Animal Crossing

Quarantine darling Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales are soaring

It seems everyone needs this kind of distraction right now.

Nintendo has unannounced games for 2019

Secret 2019 Switch titles on the way?

Nintendo’s mobile titles are pulling in the revenue

The gacha games are working for Nintendo.

15 million devices have gone on a getaway in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Camping is apparently quite popular on mobile

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camper is coming in a couple of days

Looking forward to camping with some skunks? You will be able to very soon.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camper is coming to a phone near you

You will soon experience racoons wanting to break your legs on your phone, and it looks like it might be fun.

Animal Crossing on mobile will be delayed for a little while

Nintendo’s move to mobile wasn’t a very surprising one even if the company has been very insular with its franchises in the past. Pokemon Go was a runaway success across the world and Nintendo finally realised that their franchises have some great potential within the mobile space. Conveniently, their games are designed in such a way that it would be relatively easy to make a mobile it...

Animal Crossing: New Leaf wants to welcome you back

It’s been almost four years since Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out on the 3DS and by now most of you who were playing it have probably forgotten about your towns. That’s right, the place and people you cared for and developed for so long are just wasting away on your 3DS. Probably covered in weeds to make things worse. While it has been a long time since New Leaf came out, it looks l...

Blast From The Past: Animal Crossing (Gamecube)

Pirate turtles & Guitar playing dogs. What's not to like?

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