Apex Legends

Fortnite borrows from Apex Legends with a Reboot Van

So, just do what others are doing and, voilà!

Apex Legends Season 1 begins tonight, get ready to battle

Head to the Wild Frontier and get some pretty skins.

Apex Legends cheaters will get permabans

Goodbye cheaters, go ruin someone else's fun.

Respawn discusses patching philosophy in Apex Legends

Wingman and Peacekeeper get nerfed and why Apex will have more meaningful patches.

It took only one month for Apex Legends to reach 50 million players

We guess EA won't kill this studio any time soon.

No one believed a Reddit user when they leaked Apex Legends close to a year ago

A real rumour that never turned out legendary, until now.

The Burning Question: Is battle royale a genre for you?

Love it or loathe them, they are here in full force. Where do you fit in?

Apex Construct got mistaken for Apex Legends, gets 4000% more interest

It's rare that mistaken identity becomes profitable.

You might be showing your real name in EA games

Better check you aren't running around killing people with your real name showing.

Apex Legends reaches 25 million players, also revitalised Titanfall 2

Onward and upward for the latest battle royale hit.

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