awesome games done quick

Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 will have more than 170 speedruns

Speedrunning time is just around the corner.

Back at work and battling? Watch Games Done Quick

Great games, awesome games and some... cringe-worthy games done really quickly.

AGDQ 2019 raises $2.39 million for charity while going fast

AGDQ breaks records and raises a whole lot of money to fight against cancer.

Awesome Games Done Quick will help you jump-start 2019

The only thing quick at this point of the year...

AGDQ 2018 raises over $2.2 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation

AGDQ 2018 comes to a close by hitting a new record high for charity funds raised.

The new speedrunning craze is about getting to Mario’s nipples

The most recognisable game character's nipples are a new focal point for speedrunners.

AGDQ 2018 will keep you busy in January

It is that time of the year again to start planning a week around charity speedruns.

Humble has raised an astounding $100 million for charity

By providing some of the best gaming deals ever, the Humble Bundle has raised a lot for charities that need it.

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