Backward Compatibility

CD Projekt says you should never be forced to buy a game twice

Seems a lot better than the remaster trend.

Six of the current console generation’s biggest shortcomings

It has been a generation, can we have these features across all platforms already?

Hack and slash adventure game Ninja Gaiden II gets enhanced on Xbox One

Ryu Hayabusy will be slicing and dicing foes at higher resolutions as it gets added to the list of backward compatible games.

Three new backward compatible games are being added to the Xbox One today

Kick a ball, go on a quest and vroom vroom with these new additions.

Rockstar Games doing backward compatibility a solid on Xbox One

It's time for Xbox One owners to feel like rockstars

E3 2017 Conference: Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft unveils their smallest yet the most powerful console to date and invites you to feel true power

Fantavision is the next PS2 classic that heads to PS4 this week

Last week Parappa the Rappa 2 launched on the PS4 to add to the small lineup of PS2 classics available for download on the PS4 and next in line is Fantavision. Fantavision was originally a PS2 launch title that had players playing a puzzle game that involved fireworks. Though it was enjoy by many at the time it did not receive very good scores and was part of handful of launch titles that was frow...

Microsoft’s backward compatibility team would love the challenge of Original Xbox emulation

Microsoft started rolling out backwards compatibility earlier this month and as happy as people are to be playing their favourite old-gen titles on their Xbox Ones, there have been quite a number of requests for compatibility with Original Xbox games too.Phil Spencer has hinted before that they weren’t ruling it out, and in a recent podcast with The Inner Circle he said that although it woul...

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