Bandai Namco

Soul Calibur 6 is finally announced, coming 2018

Get your sword arm ready, we heading to 3D fighting land.

Looks like Bandai Namco is also getting in on the Microwave action

We think it will need more than 30 seconds to explain what Bandai Namco are cooking up

Noctis is entering the King of Iron Fist Tournament

A prince enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode launch trailer tugs at your heart strings

The PS2 era G.U games remastered. Get ready to reconnect.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has finally ascended with a release date

Let the power up screaming commence. Dragon Ball FighterZ is heading here in January.

Harada says players don’t use fighting game tutorials

Sometimes you just need to learn with your body.

Composer Go Shiina resigns from Bandai Namco

Composer Go Shiina has been with Bandai Namco since before the merger. He started at Namco 20 years ago in the 90s and said it is time to move on. Shiina has worked on games like the Tales of series, The Idolmaster, God Eater, Tekken 6 and more. His works are a fusion of jazz, instrumentals, orchestral and rousing, dramatic sections. He is also well known for including fake languages in his songs ...

Dragon Ball FighterZ introduces Android 21

Alongside a new Android, Tien and Yamcha are there too.

.hack://G.U. Last Recode trailer introduces The World with a release date

Whether you are heading back or into The World for the first time, This remaster

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