Bandai Namco

Tekken 7’s next fighter is a muay thai giant

The Tekken 7 roster just got... bigger.

Tekken 7 is getting frame data display

Get frame data natively with less fuss.

Apple Arcade is coming Sep 19 and will include these 15 games

Games from Ubisoft, Devolver, Sega, Bandai Namco, Konami and Square Enix.

Hands-on: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (Gamescom)

Fight baddies, do side quests, eat all the food.

Tekken 1-7 official soundtracks added to Spotify

The king of audio streaming enters the Tekken.

It looks like the Octopath Traveler debut on PC is concrete

The Korean ratings board has been pretty on-the-nose with their leaks before, so this seems highly likely.

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