Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady is making a Suicide Squad game

Time to kill the Justice League.

Opinion: How two average games nearly cost me an entire genre

The wrong games at the wrong time can cause havoc. Here's my story how great games helped me overcome it.

6 games that we shouldn’t have been so excited about

When we ignore the red flags and let the hype train head off without anyone controlling the brakes, things end badly.

Opinion: No Man’s Sky defines a generation

Take your mind back to 2013, when the announcement trailer for No Man’s Sky dropped. We were stunned by the ambitious game with its quadrillions of planets, the endless possibilities and the sense of child-like wonder that comes with exploration. It was also surprising to see that the game was being made by a small team of indie developers called Hello Games. The game became a media darling ...

Mac & Linux Versions Of Arkham Knight Cancelled

Batman: Arkham Knight on the Windows format now runs a lot better than when it originally launched… or recalled… which ever you prefer. Sure, the Windows port of the game was only ‘properly’ patched months after the original release but at least it was playable. This is more than can be said for those unfortunate enough to find themselves eagerly waiting for the Mac and Lin...

Warner Bros. gives up, now offering full refunds for Batman on PC

The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight has been shrouded in bugs and issues since its release earlier this year. Warner Bros. tried its very best to address these problems even going as far as to re-release the game 4 months after its official launch. Unfortunately the game is still plagued with problems and it seems Warner have admitted defeat and are now offering full refunds for anyone that pu...

Batman Arkham Knight is still not working 100% on PC

It’s taken Warner Bros. 4 months to fix the mess that was Batman Arkham Knight on PC, and now that it’s finally re-launched on Steam it’s launched as a very wounded Batman Arkham Knight. Many players have commented on Steam, which resulted in Warner Bros. officially leaving the below statement in their patch notes (a patch of 2.5GB no less): [quote]We are still working with our G...

Batman: Arkham Knight re-releases on PC this week

Most of you will remember the controversy around the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC when it released earlier this year. The game was met with massive backlash from PC players as it was very buggy and broken. STEAM pulled the game from the store and the developers quickly got working on patches to try and fix the PC version. Now months later the PC version is apparently fixed and ready to be...

Check out the the Batmobile from the 1989 movie in action

Fans of the original Batman movies, especially the 1989 Keaton Batman, will be very happy to know that the Batmobile from that movie will be playable in the form of DLC for Arkham Knight this week. Not only can you cruise around in the icon vehicle but you can also do it in style as the Batsuit from the 1989 film will also be available. The DLC also uses music from the 1992 Batman movie to set the...

State of the game – What Batman: Arkham Knight’s frame data tells us

Batman: Arkham Knight is a beautiful game, there is no denying that. But for those who have it on PC, it is often a beautiful slideshow. Earlier this week we reviewed the beastly Asus Strix GTX 980 Ti, and we used it to capture some frame data from Batman and a few other games. Games that, you know, didn’t have to get pulled from shelves for being shoddy PC ports. Here is a look at several p...

Review: Batman Arkham Knight – Batgirl: A Matter of Family (Xbox One)

It's a matter of being a quick buck actually

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