Battle for Azeroth

Opinion: WoW’s corrupted items are a reminder of the best/worst part of Legion

Corrupted items are great if you have the right ones, and suck if your luck is bad. Better get farming, right?

Visions of N’Zoth’s best questline is bringing the Vulpera into the Horde

Sometimes it is the small moments that make us feel part of the world, not the big ones.

Visions of N’Zoth interview with Patrick Dawson

Making Azeroth an Old God free zone.

WoW patch 8.1.5 surges onto servers today with new allied races

So who is levelling a new character today?

Review: World of Warcraft – Battle for Azeroth (PC)

The die is cast, war will consume us all.

Battle for Casheroth is Warcraft’s fastest selling expansion

Sorry Legion, your sales record just got dethroned.

World of Wookieecraft – Battle for Azeroth stream

What does a Demon Hunter hunt now that the demons are gone?

World of Warcraft players are making a stand with Saurfang

Being a Horde player has been a rather emotional time lately. Sylvanas has been shown to be the one that razes Teldrassil and her motivations in the Warbringers cinematic feel flimsy and out of character. Nobody reacts to the burning in the cinematic, which seems odd. Without our hero ever having a voice, it is up to other characters to show disdain or horror. Then we got a cinematic about Varok S...

Battle for Azeroth’s first raid opens in September

Constructs and hydras and horror, oh my!

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