battle royale

Players are using Black Ops 4’s emotes to peek around corners

Treyarch is already working on an update to stop emote peeking in more competitive settings.

Study the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout map before jumping in

Know your surroundings before setting foot in the Blackout arena.

New Battlefield V trailer shows more explosive action and teases battle royale

Destructible environments: Check. Dog fights: Check. Explosions: Check. Chaos: Yes Please. Battle Royale?: Looks like it...

Fortnite success catapults Epic to $8 billion net worth

Fortnite Make it Rain emote couldn't be more appropriate right now

The Culling 2 is struggling to get more than two people playing it

Three's company, four is a party, but The Culling 2 can't even manage those rookie numbers.

Darwin Project goes F2P on Xbox One today

Survive the elements, outwit your opponents, and claim victory over the Show Director on Xbox One.

Boss Key Production shuts its doors

It is hardly surprising, but it remains sad nontheless.

Opinion: The meteoric rise of Battle Royale games and what effect they will have

The chicken dinners are plentiful right now, but will this Battle Royale bubble explode into something sour?

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