Battleborn’s final nail in the coffin is the end of added content

Born into battle, which was kind of lost from the beginning.

Battleborn gets a new competitive mode to try attract fresh blood

This way the six people still playing Battleborn can all play together.

Video: Battleborn goes free-to-play… sort of

After a short battle Battleborn is being born again, but this time it's free.

Opinion: The generation of a multiplayer-only graveyard

Multiplayer has never been my forte. I usually see it an optional extra with my singleplayer game that I maybe check out once and never play again. Of course, multiplayer is an essential component in the gaming ecosystem and it’s the marquee reason to game for a grand majority of people. During the earlier days of the previous generation, multiplayer did not have such a strong focus as it do...

Reports on Battleborn going F2P are false, says Gearbox CEO

Eish, things are starting to heat up as we get closer to the end of the year. Now, reports have surfaced saying that Battleborn may be going Free-to-Play in the next few months. This little tidbit was released on Kotaku, when an alleged source told the news site what was going on behind the Gearbox and 2K curtain. However, since the article was released, Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Softwar...

2K still has faith in Battleborn

Battleborn was a bit of a modern day gaming tragedy. It was an amazing game at its core, filled with content, interesting characters and charm coming out of everywhere. But the game just wasn’t fun. It was vastly overshadowed by Blizzard’s Overwatch in terms of gameplay, even if it was the game that boasted the most content and bang for your buck. Things for Battleborn were looking rea...

Get Battleborn for $15 in the latest Humble Bundle

Looking to find a few new games for your backlog? The new Humble 2K Bundle will definitely save you some cash. The new deal includes Battleborn for just $15. That’s a massive steal for a new game. Take a look at the list below for the full deal: Humble 2K Bundle Price to unlock Duke Nukem Forever $1 Spec Ops The Line $1 The Darkness II $1 Civilization V $8.37 NBA 2K16 $8.37 Mafia II $8.37 Ba...

Microtransactions are coming to Battleborn

Oh boy, microtransactions are headed for Discount Overwatch Battleborn. According to Gamespot, the option to buy taunts and new skins will be available from 16 June. The optional DLC is purely aesthetic and will have no impact on the gameplay at all. According to the post, there will be skins for all 26 heroes, so if you are interested, you’ll be able to find one for your favourite character...

Review: Battleborn (Xbox One)

Battleborn is a decent enough game, but it falls a bit short on many fronts

Battleborn Open Beta now live on PS4

A while back we covered the announcement of an open beta for Battleborn. PS4 owners will be ecstatic to hear that the open beta is now live. Unfortunately Xbox One and PC owners will have to wait until the 13th of April. The open beta will allow access to the two multiplayer modes, two sections of the games story mode as well as access to seven characters and the opportunity to unlock the full lin...

Battleborn open beta announced

Gearbox and 2K Games have announced an open beta for Battleborn. The beta will first become available on PS4 on 8 April, with PC and Xbox One players getting it five days later on 13 April. The beta will run until 18 April on all platforms. That’s a whopping 10 days if you decide to give it a bash on PS4! During the beta, players will be able to experience part of the story campaign as well as two...

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