Trevor Noah to host the Battlefield V reveal event next week

Interested in learning more about the next Battlefield? Luckily we Noah guy.

New Battlefield game reveal will take place on 23 May

Are we heading back to the past or into the future? Soon we'll know.

Don’t worry, the new Battlefield will have a single-player component

You'll still be able to play by your lonesome in the next Battlefield game.

EA is thinking about a Battlefield battle royale

EA also wants a game about 100 people on an island scrounging for weapons.

A new Battlefield is coming this year, Anthem delayed to 2019 because of it

While Anthem is only coming next year, it's at least making way for a new Battlefield game.

EA CEO confirms a new Battlefield game for 2018 and no VR support for now

Surprise, surprise - another Battlefield incoming from EA in 2018, but don't expect VR support for any EA games.

Battlefield 1 will allow you to have “Premium Friends”

Ever had a clubhouse? Ever thought to only include your most “elite” friends in it? Well, that’s how multiplayer games often feel when they start releasing map packs. People get left behind because often times DLC is expensive or people are immensely lazy. It has been a problem since the dawn of map packs and it seems that Battlefield 1 is breaking the mould when it comes to shar...

Battlefield will soon become a TV series

What better way to kick off your morning than with this news right here, Battlefield is being turned into a TV show. It has been confirmed that EA, Paramount TV and Anonymous Content will be bringing one of the most beloved FPS titles to a small screen near you. It looks like they have hired some big talent to lead the project with Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta heading up the project – True...

Super 2-Bit Video: Navy SEALs Training…

Call of Duty and Battlefield players will want to sit up and take note of the below video. If you think you have what it takes to join the Navy SEALs then the below video will showcase the beating you take to make the cut. It all starts with them asking what job they’d love to do. David decides that it’s a good idea to join the Navy SEALs. With Eben in charge you know that David is abo...

Would you pay R400 per year to play EA games?

Last night news broke that EA are launching a subscription service which will allow gamers to play various EA games throughout the year by paying an annual fee. That means that those who do subscribe will receive ‘free’ content from EA. The catch? It’s for Xbox One only. EA announced that they would be rolling out EA Access which would give players the ability to access “Th...

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