Nine incredible women in video games

Without these women, whole worlds would cease to exist.

Lady Gaga is quite a hardcore Bayonetta fan

Like most other gamers she's still up at 4 am over a weekend, trying to finish a stage.

10 iconic guns in videogames

Le pew pew, you're dead.

Review: Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 Switch Collection (Switch)

Our favourite hair-covered girl is back to remind you just how damn great she is.

Bayonetta 3 announced for Nintendo Switch, along with Bayonetta 1 and 2 port

The Umbra witch is returning for a third kick ass outing exclusively on the Nintendo Switch

Rumour: Vanquish, Bayonetta, Shenmue 1 and 2 might be heading to PS4 and Xbox One

These action-packed SEGA classics might return for one more outing.

Games with Gold in August is action-packed

Play with slime, ride a bike, be a witch and destroy Mars in August's Games With Gold.

Bayonetta PC port a success with over 170,000 sold

SEGA is "very happy" with how the Queen of the Action Game is doing on PC.

Rumour: Is Vanquish next to slide into the PC realm?

Bayonetta gets a tiny patch that adds a Vanquish avatar to the extras folder.

Rumour: Looks like there is some big Bayonetta news coming in just over a week

Over the weekend SEGA released a very cool and fully playable 8-bit version of Bayonetta that is free to download. It’s a really cool little game and you can download it right here, but it seems there is more to the 8-bit pixels than meets the eye. Players have been reporting that 8-bit Bayonetta’s achievements contained clues pointing to a new teaser site on The site has a countdo...

Voice Actor Tuesday – Hellena Taylor

If you’ve played the Bayonetta games at all, you may remember that her voice is a huge part of her character. Hellena Taylor is the English voice of the Umbra Witch in both games, as well as Bayonetta’s various other appearances, including Super Smash Bros, Anarchy Reigns and the Bloody Fate anime. I’m usually not a fan of overly sexy female characters in ridiculous outfits in vi...

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