Take-Two earnings call says BioShock is years away

Literal years away, not "payday is years away".

Looks like we might see a BioShock sequel next year

Connecting the dots to see the picture.

Bioshock creator working on a new immersive sim

Would you kindly tell us more?

11 of the best introduction levels in video games

The first few minutes of a game can make or break your opinion, here are some that got it right.

Close to the Sun will get your waxy veins flowing in its new announcement trailer

It reminds us very much of Bioshock, which can't be a bad thing

Bendy and the Ink Machine is coming to consoles next month

Experience the dark side of cartoon animation in Bendy and the Ink Machine, but now on consoles.

The Burning Question: What game do you wish you could wipe from memory and experience for the first time again?

You've used the flashy thing and wiped your memory. What game do you re-play first?

Seven things in games we wish were real

Some could become real, while others are probably a bit far-fetched.

Rumour: A new BioShock game is being secretly developed

While being real hush-hush about it, it sounds like a new BioShock is in the pipes.

The Burning Question: Which game tested your own sanity?

Sometimes games can make you ask uncomfortable questions, or do terrible things.

Former BioShock devs are apparently working on ‘immersive sims’

Ghost Story Studios is looking for someone to create "immersive story-driven games".

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