Bioware reveals a full mission of gameplay for Anthem

Some combat and exploration to get everyone going for the New Year.

Dragon Age 4’s teaser trailer will leave you with many questions

You knew you would see the Dread Wolf once again.

Casey Hudson teases Dragon Age announcement coming soon

Expect to hear about a new Dragon Age game before the end of the year.

Let’s take a closer look at Anthem’s Javelins

Each Javelin brings something fun and destructive to the table.

Anthem live stream to be hosted by Bioware today

See progress on one of the most anticipated games of 2019.

See a full mission from Anthem and the elemental power of the Storm javelin

Some more Anthem gameplay and a look at the Storm and Interceptor javelins.

Anthem will have matchmaking for raids, but no loot trading

Anthem will feature the convenience (and sometimes terror) of matchmaking for raids.

Anthem won’t affect future Dragon Age or Mass Effect games

Don't you worry about a multiplayer-only dragon killing game coming in the future.

Anthem details how single-player story progresses in a multiplayer game

Our World, My Story concept gets clearer with video explainer...

Burning Question: Sex in video games, is it really necessary?

Do we really need it in our games to enjoy ourselves, wait what?

EA won’t shut down the developer if Anthem fails, says ex Bioware long-time employee

As he leaves, James Ohlen paints a picture of things inside BioWare and EA.

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