Anthem’s story initially had us crash landing on an alien planet

The art reveals a different approach to the story and Javelins.

BioWare buffs Anthem’s loot drop rates

Get those oranges and yellows.

Anthem being refunded by Sony because of continuing issues

You know things are bad when Sony starts giving your money back.

BioWare discusses the loot nerf in Anthem

Sorry if you missed the magical loot day.

Review: Anthem (PC)

Anthem's biggest enemy is itself.

Anthem’s day one patch is live already

A host of changes, and a soothing balm if you have the game on a spinning disk.

Anthem has a terrible questing roadblock, get ready for it

Start chipping away so you don't get caught at the game's odd roadblock.

Neill Blomkamp is at it again, this time in partnership with EA

Can't be worse than what happened with Chappie.

Mike Gamble has some tips for Anthem players

Some tips for Anthem players to get the most out of the game, and avoid some regret.

Anthem outlines endgame and ongoing elements

It looks like Freelancers will be busy at max level.

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