Blizzcon 2019

World of Warcraft Shadowlands interview with Patrick Dawson and Sarah Boulian Verrall

At BlizzCon, I got the chance to sit down and chat with Patrick Dawson, production director and Sarah Boulian Verrall, senior level designer. After having some time playing the World of Warcraft Shadowlands demo, which was a timed excursion into the zone of Bastion, I wanted to know more about the afterlife, how the team created these beautiful locations and what is going on with Sylvanas, please?...

The past, present and future of World of Warcraft

Come and see the shifting tides of the World full of Warcraft.

Blizzcon Opening Ceremony Wrap Up

It's a good time of the year for a blizzard.

Our BlizzCon 2019 virtual ticket winners

Blizzard’s annual announce-a-thon starts on Friday evening and unless you have a virtual ticket, you miss out on a lot of cool content over the weekend. Panels, interviews, deep dives into features and aspects of Blizzard games and much more make up the usual fare, with enough esports action that you might want to set up more monitors… then add a few extra just in case. I’m not s...

BlizzCon’s schedule is full of untitled blocks

That's a whole lot of "Coming Soon!"

Pack us in your bags, BlizzCon 2019 happens in November

More hall space and a day 0 too this year.

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