Bobby Kotick

EA and Activision Blizzard CEOs find themselves on ‘most overpaid’ list

Pretty sure none of us would mind being on this list.

Eric Hirshberg is stepping down as Activision CEO

After serving as CEO for eight years, Hirshberg is walking away.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a THING in the games industry

Sometimes we forget that our industry is supposed to be about fun and games. Things can sometimes get so serious that you forget about the lighter side of things. If you’ve never heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge this is perhaps a great introduction to it. Basically what happens is that you pour a bucket of ice cold water over your body and take it like a man. Before doing that though you no...

Activision’s CEO nearly lost his job last year

Tycoon businessman and CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick, nearly got knocked out of the game last year. All this because of a ‘demands’ dispute on his side. He wanted to be in charge of an investment group that was planning to buyout the Vevendi publisher. Afterall, he’d back himself a decent share of the $8.2 Billion deal that was concluded in October last year. It goes without sa...

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