Eli Roth chosen as director for Borderlands movie

Will the horror director do the games justice?

Borderlands 3 had some pretty wacky early covers

A picture worth 1,000 words takes a few tries to get write

Borderlands 3’s main campaign will be 35 hours long

We're here for a good time and a long time.

All aboard the Borderlands hype train!

Vault hunters! Get ready to loot and shoot again. Soon-ish.

Borderlands 3? Yes please!

Gearbox seems to be working on Borderlands 3.

Honesty Hour – I have never played Borderlands

Hello haters and welcome to the honesty hour. Following up the success of outing myself for not playing Red Dead Redemption, Portal, Bioshock and Deus Ex [Ed – Jarred, why are you doing this to me?] I thought I would discuss another game that I have not played, which most people seem to absolutely love. That game is Boredomlands Borderlands. I must admit upfront that, like with Bioshock and ...

Randy Pitchford teases Borderlands 3

Borderlands came out of nowhere in the last generation with a series that’s now beloved by many fans around the world. The more Randy and his crew at Gearbox Software talks about their upcoming Battleborn, the online shooter, the more fans are asking about Borderlands 3. Well, Randy Pitchford, the CEO at Gearbox Software, finally teased some details about the game over the weekend. While at ...

20 co-op games you should play before you die

Playing a couch co-op game offline via split screen or system-link or playing it online – is there anything more enjoyable in gaming? Here is a list of games you really should play with other humans before you one day kick the bucket. It’s a mix of old, new and perhaps one or two games you were not aware had co-op. Whatever you do, be sure not to miss these co-op classics: Gears of War...

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