Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 had some pretty wacky early covers

A picture worth 1,000 words takes a few tries to get write

Borderlands 3 reveal later today is NOT about cross-platform

Nope, not gonna happen. Not yet in any case.

Borderlands 3 will have a ping system and let you mail items to your friends

Ping goodies for your friends, or mail them a nice gift.

Borderlands 3’s main campaign will be 35 hours long

We're here for a good time and a long time.

E3 2019: PC Gaming Show

All 30 games they showed.

E3 2019: Xbox conference

Everything you need to know and see about Microsoft's E3 2019 conference.

Borderlands 3 has more skills, alt-fire modes and more loot

And you have a better chance if you are #foreveralone

Ashly Burch returns to voice Tiny Tina in Borderlands 3

The odd and lovable bomb expert makes a comeback and so does her multi-talented voice actor.

Rhys isn’t voiced by Troy Baker in Borderlands 3

It looks like Rhys, it walks like Rhys... but is it Rhys?

Borderlands games being review bombed on Steam due to 2K’s Epic decision

Steam users ironically the ones shooting themselves in the head.

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