Breaking Bad

Cook meth with your PSVR in the ‘Breaking Bad VR Experience’

A "non-gaming experience" with "game-like" features will definitely help sell more PSVR units, right?

Breaking Bad recreated in GTA V

We have seen some pretty wacky things being done with GTA V lately. There have been mods that replace cars with bullets, transform your character into an invincible Jesus Christ and there has even been one that allowed the cows to ride motorcycles, thereby rising above the pigs as the dominant farm animals. What I have been enjoying though, is watching some of the videos that players have created ...

Breaking Bad, LotR actors lend their voices to Batman: Arkham Knight

I always find myself taken aback when I see behind-the-scenes footage of video games and animation, especially when the acting is fantastic. I have a tendency to associate the character with the voice and I often forget that there is a real person behind them. This is why I really love that more stars from television and movies are taking up the roles of video game characters as they become a more...

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