A Tegra X1 vulnerability means the Switch has a future-proof hack

... and apparently there is nothing Nintendo can do to stop it

Vanquish PC port has a bizarre framerate bug

Want to play the game in hard mode? Just play it at 60 fps.

Nioh seems to have contracted a bad bug

I hope you’re enjoying Nioh enough to back up your save files. According to some Reddit and Neogaf users, their save game data disappears after creating a new character. The issue seems to have been picked up recently and may cost players significant progress. At first I thought it might be a case of the actually deleting a character, but there aren’t many games that do this, and certa...

The Not-So-Quiet MGSV: The Phantom Pain Save Corrupting Bug

Everyone who decided to jump on the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain bandwagon is wagging their tails and flapping their mouths over it. Why? It’s pretty good. It’s better than good, it’s great. I’ve personally noticed a few things that bug me about it, but this post isn’t about that, it’s about letting you know about a certain save file corrupting bug. (Obv...

Assassin’s Creed Unity gets a patch to save face

Since the faceless Arno appeared in Assassin’s Creed Unity people on the internet had a ball taking shots at Ubisoft. I’d imagine that Ubisoft were working very hard behind the scenes to resolve this problem and we’re glad to report that Arno now has a face. This was a problem for only PC owners and has now been resolved. On the Ubisoft Blog they confirmed the following: [quote] ...

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