Destiny 2’s Faction Rally starts today, here’s how it works

Time to pick a side Guardians, the Factions are vying for your allegiance!

Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid beaten in six hours

Clans race to beat the Raid, but only one team can be first!

Destiny 2 patch fixes Clan Roster and missing exotic issues

Destiny 2's first weekly reset comes with a hefty patch to nail some bugs.

Review: Destiny 2 (PS4)

Eyes up, Guardians... Again!

At work and missing Destiny 2? Listen to the soundtrack

You body might be at work, but we know where your mind and heart are.

DreamHack Montreal winner donates all winnings to Irma relief efforts

NuckleDu donates his $10,000 winning pot to help those caught in the path of Irma.

Destiny 2 passes more than 1.2 million concurrent players in less than a week

Wondering where everyone went? Off to the Farm, it seems.

Video: As a first time Destiny player, here is what Dave likes most about Destiny 2

It looks like Dave had a sip of that Destiny kool-aid, and now the thirst has him.

Bungie reveals the Destiny 2 roadmap for the next few weeks

Get your guardians together, you have a long road ahead of you

Rumour: Destiny 2 might have fewer story missions than first game

Quality over quantity, right? But what if it is all just marketing promises?

Destiny 2’s Raid will drop one week after launch

You have a week to get your team together for that first classic Raid

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