campo santo

In the Valley of Gods is on hold thanks to devs working on other Valve projects

Campo Santo developers too busy on other Valve projects.

Firewatch heading to the Switch on December 17

Henry will soon be watching for fires on the go...

Firewatch developer, Campo Santo, has been acquired by Valve

The young indie developer has been snatched up by the GabeN.

In the Valley of Gods is the next game from the Firewatch creators

Get ready to raid some Egyptian tombs.

Valve’s brave answer to review bombing is adding a graph

Valve will do just about anything to use algorithms instead of humans.

Pewdiepie uses N-word in stream, Campo Santo threatens DMCA takedown

Pewdiepie is in the news, again, for racism, again.

Firewatch to get a limited physical release

Physical games always have a special place in my heart. I like to see myself as a collector and having the actual game case with their art and the disc on my shelf is so much more satisfying than some digital file on my console. It’s like getting a physical book and experiencing the smell and the texture, even if it’s more inconvenient than just reading the thing on your phone. We ofte...

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