Monster Hunter World probably won’t be coming to Switch because of “difficulty”

Hope is not high for a portable Monster Hunter World in the future.

Blanka is charging up for his big Street Fighter V release

Sounds like lightning, very very frightening.

The EVO 2018 lineup includes anime, anime and more anime

EVO is around the corner and one of the main attractions is a game that hasn't even released yet.

Capcom Vancouver layoffs cause ‘reduction in scope’ for Dead Rising franchise

The studio responsible for the zany zombie killfests is hit by some tough times.

Monster Hunter: World – Multiplayer 101 Squads

Time to squad up. Wait, what is a squad in Monster Hunter World?

Blast from the Past: Darkwing Duck (NES)

The terror that flaps in the night instils the fear of high difficulty on the NES.

Monster Hunter World – Multiplayer 101

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. But uh, how do you do that again?

Review: Monster Hunter World (PS4)

Sometimes you just need to hunt, and this is the ultimate hunting experience as the series hits a new high point.

Monster Hunter World’s Day 1 patch and what to expect

There is a patch you want to download on day one.

On the Hunt: The Monsters Within

Be careful, thar be dragons.

On the Hunt: Weapons & Armor

Sticks and stones will only get you so far. Time to suit up.

On the Hunt: Item Crafting

When enemies are bigger and tougher than you, you need to take advantage of every trick and tool you can.

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