The Warriors of Light will soon face the King of the Sky in FF:XIV

A new dragon awaits on the 7th of August.

Capcom and Pure Imagination Studios announce Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

Because game to movie adaptations have such a good track record.

PC date and requirements finally announced for Monster Hunter World

The long wait is nearly over for those who hunt on PC.

Review: Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4)

How do, Ken? 12 arcade perfect emulations in one nice slice of history.

The music you hear in Devil May Cry 5’s combat depends on how stylish you are

Kicking ass just as the chorus starts sounds pretty sweet.

Devil May Cry 5 is releasing before the end of March 2019

Ref up those blades, Devil May Cry 5 is coming sooner than we thought.

E3 2018: Hands-on – Resident Evil 2

There is nothing evil about your return to Raccoon city.

The Behemoth has been summoned in Monster Hunter World

It's a strange crossover, but also one that works perfectly in Monster Hunter World.

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