Resident Evil VII will be a cloud-based monstrosity on the Switch

Streaming a game on the Switch might be the biggest scare yet.

Ōkami HD paints its way to the Switch on 9 August

Clover Studio's classic finally goes portable.

Five titles we hope to see go back to their roots

Some franchises could do with looking at their beginnings.

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s Light Bowgun

Ranged attacks with mobility sounds amazing, but you probably don't want to go out solo with this.

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s hunting horn

The perfect support weapon for your team

Onimusha trademark pops up in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more countries

It's only a few trademarks, but right now that's all we have to keep the faith

Review: Devil May Cry: HD Collection (PS4 Pro)

Your favourite demon slayer returns for the same outing once more - now with apparent flaws.

Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s bow

Sometimes you just want a little distance from the big monster with sharp teeth.

Monsters may cry because the Devil is here for a new Monster Hunter World collaboration

Dante takes a break from making devils cry, will pick on monsters instead.

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