The final Devil May Cry 5 trailer is SSS rank levels of awesome

This looks like a story you won't want to miss.

Four million copies of Resident Evil 2 Remake shipped

Remakes are popular, especially when done right.

Capcom adds some soundtrack goodness to Spotify

Capcom dropped a straight fire mix tape.

Monster Hunter Movie release date confirmed – 4 Sep 2020

It can't be worse than the Super Mario Bros. movie, right?

Hideaki Itsuno had to choose between Dragon’s Dogma 2 and DMC 5

Keen on Dragon's Dogma 2? There might be hope, if someone can convince Itsuno to sit down and make it.

Resident Evil 2’s free DLC detailed with a release date

It's called Ghost Survivors and will tell the tales of three people who never made it out of Raccoon City.

Review: Resident Evil 2 (PS4 Pro)

Resident Evil 2 is a (re)master stroke

A trip down memory lane – Resident Evil 2

Overcome your fears and survive, once more.

Put on your Wiggler hats! Monster Hunter World’s Anniversary event kicks off next week

Some of the monsters aren't happy with how they have been treated.

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