Gwent will finally be getting an arena mode

Tired of being stomped on by players who have spent their mortgage on the game? Arena mode is here to save the day.

The Kobolds are coming as the next Hearthstone expansion releases next week

The little rat fellas with the candles on their heads are heading to Hearthstone in about a week's time.

Gwent’s Thronebreaker story campaign delayed to 2018

You'll have to wait a while before having a quick game of Gwent by yourself.

Hearthstone’s Knights of the Frozen Throne sounds delicious

But will it have a joke about a cold toilet? Come on Blizzard, we know you want to.

Hearthstone’s next expansion has a great change to cracking packs

Ah the feeling of cracking a pack. I come from physical cards where the experience plays on all your senses, but doing it digitally is still pleasurable about cracking a pack of cards open and finding digital candy inside. Unless you get a duplicate of that legendary card you just crafted with all your dust. That is going to be a thing of the past, Hearthstone director Ben Brode said in an update ...

Gwent will be moving to open beta very soon

Now anyone can play a quick game of Gwent.

Hearthstone celebrates 70 million players with free card packs

Hearthstone has managed to have 70 million people walk into the inn and play a game of cards. That’s a fair number of players. To celebrate, everyone is getting free card packs, if you log into the game during May. Three packs of Journey to Un’Goro cards are sitting waiting for you, if you open the game this month. What will you get? Something shiny for your new deck? Or a pile of dust...

Get ready for tribes of monsters in Duelyst with Ancient Bonds expansion

Duelyst just keeps giving, with its third expansion just launching, called Ancient Bonds. It is all about the tribes and unlike that TV show where the tribe speaks, this time the tribe kills, maims or makes you hit that concede button. A new keyword, Bond, triggers when minions of the same tribe are placed on the board. This means deck-builders will be able to try build decks around this keyword, ...

The Hearthstone Arena is going to see some much needed changes

As Hearthstone’s pool of cards increases it becomes a bit of a problem for the eternal formats. We can understand that the Wild format will have a smorgasbord of potential decks with some things being quite ridiculous, but that can be a problem for a drafting format. Not all cards are created equal so when you continue adding ‘bad’ cards to the drafting pool you’re going to...

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is aiming for a March release

In case you felt that March was lacking in gaming goodness, it looks like Bethesda’s CCG, Elder Scrolls: Legends, is making its way out of closed beta in March. In an interview with PC Gamer Pete Hines (Besthesda VP of PR and Marketing) discussed how Legends is aiming for a release in March, along with a new card set to change the meta and keep things interesting for those who have been play...

Unlocking the next Hearthstone hero needs new blood or a dummy account

I have a love/ hate relationship with Hearthstone. I love the card game because I can hop on for a few minutes and play a game. It is great for those awkward waits in places with good signal but not much to do or while you wait for people who went AFK before your next round of whatever other game you are playing. I hate it because of all the time I waste with people playing to the timer every roun...

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