6 Celebrities cameo appearances in video games

Who doesn’t love a good easter egg or cameo appearance in a video game? Just last week I was playing Call of Duty Infinite Warfare only to see Lewis Hamilton as a member of the crew on my spaceship. I couldn’t believe it was him. It was so random and perfect that I simply had to create a list of celebrity cameos in video games. Here’s just a little dash of who you can find in wha...

Celebs From Fallout 4’s Character Creator

Fallout 4 is finally out and the Wasteland is ours to plunder again, only this time our characters will look a little prettier. A YouTuber by the name of moniker 8 Bit Bastard has decided to use the character create in Fallout 4 to make iconic characters from video games, television and even an actor. Most of the attempts do resemble their characters, like Trevor from GTA V and Will Smith, but I&#...

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