Apex Legends cheaters will get permabans

Goodbye cheaters, go ruin someone else's fun.

Splatoon 2 cheaters are finally being inked

Tech 'dye-packs' will soon lead to bans...

PUBG active user numbers in decline because cheaters suck

The number of people hunting for KFC in the wild is on the decline.

Epic Games bans thousands of cheaters in Fortnite Battle Royale

Goodbye cheaters, you aren't wanted in Fortnite.

Bungie swinging the Banhammer at cheaters in Destiny’s Crucible

Ah yes, the Lighthouse. The elusive shrine on Mercury that only the best warriors in the Crucible get to visit. Or the cheaters. But you get the idea. Trials of Osiris is a weekly event in Destiny that pits you and two of your mates against some of the best PVP players in the game, in an elimination tournament. The goal is to go Flawless with 9-0 matches, which gives you right of passage to the Li...

Cheat in Overwatch and you’re banned for life

Cheaters in online multiplayer gaming – it’s just something you expect these days. Anything to get ahead for a bit of bragging rights will do for the scum of the online multiplayer world. Well, Blizzard is not going to stand for this at all. Should you cheat in Overwatch, once it launches on 24 May for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, by using a hacks, bots of third-party software of any kind you...

Cheaters are becoming a pain in Metal Gear Solid V

It doesn’t take too long after a game is released for the cheaters to rear their ugly heads in multiplayer and it seems that that time has come for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Forward Operating Base (FOB), which is seperate from Metal Gear Online and聽created in the single player campaign, pits real players against each other in a fight for resources and according to聽Reddit, this mo...

Update: Thousands of H1Z1 Cheaters Are Banned, Forever

Update: Since this post those who cheated have made apologies on YouTube. We thought we’d list a few for you to laugh at. Watch them all try pass the buck. Original: Video game companies are no longer sitting by watching people abuse and cheat their way through a game. The latest game to receive a cheater cull is the zombie MMO H1Z1. Day Break Company, the creators of the game, are cracking ...

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