Cities: Skylines

Build and farm with PS Plus in May

We built this city on tilled wet soil.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is adding three new games

Go for a rally race, become president of the United States and build a city.

Cities: Skylines is heading to Xbox One very soon

Cities: Skylines is the Sim City that should have existed. A city builder filled to the brim with features, engaging management gameplay and so densely packed with content that you can easily lose yourself in it. It was a runaway success on PC with it being one of Paradox Interactive’s most popular games and it has received a bevvy of post-release content and support. Now it’s breaking...

200,000 poor little virtual people die in Cities: Skylines sewage tsunami

My wife plays The Sims a lot, so I have a good idea of how mean the gods of simulation games are to their creations and subjects. People get left to drown in pools, while others get locked in a basement, their sole purpose in life to make artworks to be sold by the rest of the family, who live in decadence upstairs. If you think that sounds like a mean thing to do to your little simulation people,...

Cities: Skylines gets a first-person multiplayer mod because it can

Cities: Skylines didn’t revolutionise the city-building sim genre, but it did offer a mods-friendly platform that is flexible and ready for just about anything you can throw at it. One mod creator, FrOsZ, has added first-person multiplayer to the game. I would be quite happy even if it wasn’t multiplayer: what better way to show off your city than from ground level, walking around and ...

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