Five modern co-op games that should not be played by yourself

These games are just better with friends by your side.

My love-hate relationship with Bloodborne, and going through the streets of Yharnam again

Finding love in the dark and then getting killed. Welcome back to Yharnam.

Review: Samurai Riot (PC)

Samurai Riot returns to the roots of the beat-em-up, but doesn't add the flavour we crave.

State of Decay 2’s co-op detailed at Gamescom

Let others know you need help with a flare, and those wanting to assist can join your game.

A Way Out will not feature online matchmaking

Players will have to have a buddy on the couch or one online to play A Way Out.

Dota 2 is finally getting some co-op story missions

Dota 2 with friends and story? Almost sounds too good to be true.

Wild Guns Reloaded is coming to Steam this year

Get yourself ready because there is going to be a shootout. Publisher Natsume has confirmed (via GameSpot) that Wild Guns Reloaded is hitting the PC via Steam later this year. Last year Wild Guns Reloaded came out on PlayStation 4 to bring back one of those true cult classics of the Super Nintendo Era. The shooting gallery genre unfortunately was long forgotten but Wild Guns has been on nearly eve...

Nioh Co-op changes from pre-release demos explained

Nioh is a truly challenging game. It’s hard, relentless and unforgiving. Fortunately, the game features a Co-op system similar to the Dark Souls games, where you can summon someone to help you out if the going gets really tough. But the system worked a bit different from what was on offer in the pre-release demos. In the demo, you and a friend could join up and play through the game together...

River City Melee: Battle Royal Special getting set for a release in March

Start your engines, side-eye your friends and get your fists ready because Kunio-kun and pals are coming to kick some ass real soon. River City Melee: Battle Royal Special has a release date for March 28th worldwide on PlayStation 4. No other platforms have been announced and the game will be digital only in the West. Now before you jump for joy at the concept of a new River City game, it is worth...

Uncharted 4 co-op survival mode out today

Just under a month ago we reported that Uncharted 4 will receive a free co-op survival mode for owners of the base game. Well, in a livestream last night Naughty Dog confirmed all the juicy details about the new mode that’ll make PS3 Uncharted fans, who played this mode in the past, very happy. Uncharted 4 will see a patch going live today that’ll add in this new mode. You’ll als...

Video: Get your first look at Uncharted 4’s co-op mode – Survival

If you took the time to enter the multiplayer component in Uncharted 4, after completing the campaign, you’d be well aware that it’s an enormous amount of fun. It’s very strategic and just plays exceptionally well. There has however been something missing that we’ve become accustomed to in Uncharted 2 and 3 – a co-op mode. Uncharted 4: Survival is in essence a horde m...

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