F1 2019 races to you on 26 June

That's right, it'll launch two months earlier than 2018 did.

Review: DiRT Rally 2.0 (PS4 Pro)

Time to get those rally cars dirty!

The return of DiRT Rally comes in 2019 with Dirt Rally 2.0

DiRT Rally 2.0 will be power sliding around a left 3 long and full tilt down the straight into 26 February 2019.

Review: F1 2018 (PS4)

A fast sprint to the chequered flag.

OnRush director and senior staff members axed after bad sales

The only rush left is to get the developers out the door it seems.

F1 2018 will be supporting a massive range of steering wheels, here is the list

You can vrooom vrooom with just about all steering wheels.

Review: Onrush (Xbox One)

Racing line? Get outta here. No bumping? Why? Take that corner slower? Are you crazy?

The vehicle abilities in Onrush look like arcade racing gold

Arcade racing fans might want to rush out to get a go at this when it launches.

Onrush looks like a shot of adrenaline to the heart

Get ready for big ramps, flips, tricks and bumper bashing.

Review: F1 2017 (PS4 Pro)

F1 2017 has not only taken pole position, right now it's the F1 champion.

Review: Micro Machines: World Series (Xbox One)

Micro Machines might not be a household name like LEGO, or Hot Wheels, but most of us will remember the tiny toy cars from our youth. Or you might remember the game series that started in the mid 90s, which was pretty unique and cool back in the day. So with that nostalgia, and lack of experience with the series, I was very excited to try out the newest iteration of the series, unfortunately, thin...

Video: F1 2017 launches on 25 August and sees a return of classic F1 cars

It'll be tough to top F1 2016, but a return of classic cars might just take the chequered flag.

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