Console release

Cities: Skylines is heading to Xbox One very soon

Cities: Skylines is the Sim City that should have existed. A city builder filled to the brim with features, engaging management gameplay and so densely packed with content that you can easily lose yourself in it. It was a runaway success on PC with it being one of Paradox Interactive’s most popular games and it has received a bevvy of post-release content and support. Now it’s breaking...

XCOM 2 is headed to the PS4 and Xbox One in September!

Itching to play XCOM 2 but can’t because you’re a console gamer? Good news then, the game will finally be available for the PS4 and Xbox One on 9 September 2016. The announcement was posted yesterday with the release of a new trailer on YouTube (you can find the clip at the bottom of this post). The console versions are being developed by The Workshop, a US based development studio and...

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