Review: Xbox Series X

The next step for Xbox is a solid one.

Xbox One S All-Digital gets confirmed

First the Kinect, now the disc drive. Talk about slimming down.

MMORPG Tera getting an open beta on console in March

Finally a MMORPG that console players might be able to enjoy

The Nintendo Switch shipped a whopping 7 million consoles by September

Today Nintendo made a big announcement about the sales of the Nintendo Switch. According to the results of their latest financial report as of 30 September, 7.63 million units of the Switch have been shipped and sold. That is an insane number considering it’s struggled to keep up with the demand. Had there been more consoles, it might’ve been a bigger number. That said, it’ll onl...

Destiny 2 passes more than 1.2 million concurrent players in less than a week

Wondering where everyone went? Off to the Farm, it seems.

Atari is returning to the console hardware market, get your first look at the Ataribox

The classic console brand which brought you Pong is returning to the console business, welcome the new Ataribox.

Microsoft is happy with the price of the Xbox One X

High-end premium hobby device is "expensive". People are upset.

Sony officially ends production of the PlayStation 3

Cheers PlayStation 3, thanks for everything.

Production of the PS3 to end soon in Japan

It’s the end of an era for the PS3, or at least in Japan. According to a post on Eurogamer, Sony will soon be ending production of the console which has been around since 2006 and 2007 depending on where in world you lived at the time. No exact date is given, but it’s still pretty sad to hear that one of my favourite consoles is coming to an end. The console, which has pretty much been...

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