Five arcade classics that need the current gen treatment

Look into your past and imagine if all those games you loved came back today with all the bells and whistles game platforms have to offer.

Blast from the Past: Contra (NES)

The 80s action hero era summarised in one classic action game.

20 co-op games you should play before you die

Playing a couch co-op game offline via split screen or system-link or playing it online – is there anything more enjoyable in gaming? Here is a list of games you really should play with other humans before you one day kick the bucket. It’s a mix of old, new and perhaps one or two games you were not aware had co-op. Whatever you do, be sure not to miss these co-op classics: Gears of War...

10 Games That Aged Well

As the years pass by the games you once loved loses some of its charm. It’s often a factor of nostalgia getting in the way of reality and blurring your mind with a good experience you had years ago. Some older games do age well. Below is a list of 10 games that’s as enjoyable today as it was several years ago. For this list we stuck with games a decade old and older. So, anything that ...

Teens Play Contra For The First Time

I’m a huge fan of the Fine Brothers and their smash hit React Channel. Not sure who they are? The Fine bros. are the masterminds behind the Kids/Teens/Elders/ YouTubers React videos on YouTube. I’m particularly fond of the Teen’s React version as I’m young enough to relate, yet old enough to know things they don’t. It’s especially delightful when I get to see th...

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