BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle’s Director explains half the roster being DLC

Oh sorry, the other half of your game's characters need to be downloaded.

IGN editorial team downed tools until sexual harassment issues were commented on

Following accusations of sexual harassment and a poor company response, the editorial team at IGN "walked out" as a sign of solidarity for a former writer.

A year after scandal, TmarTn is now promoting Call of Duty: WW2

The YouTuber who failed to disclose his ownership of the website he promoted is now working with Activision to promote COD: WW2.

Five good games marred by their controversies

Some games can't even be mentioned without the controversy coming out. Here are a bunch of games that fit into that horrible category.

NeoGAF temporarily offline following sexual assault claims, exodus of staff

For over 24 hours, one of the biggest gaming forums has been offline after the founder and owner faced sexual assault allegations.

Pro Overwatch player ends own career with racist tirade

Matt “Dellor” Vaughn ends his professional esports career and Twitch channel with a loud, racist outburst.

PewDiePie offers apology in new response video

Just two days ago, the news broke of Disney and YouTube severing ties to popular YouTuber PewDiePie over anti-Semitic jokes. PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) has finally offered not only an apology but as well as frustrations with how the story itself was portrayed. There is a lot to dissect within the video but the key point of focus is the apology itself. Felix stated that “I’m sorry for the words th...

Updated: Disney walks away from PewDiePie following Anti-Semitic videos

Update: Variety has reported that YouTube has officially pulled support from PewDiePie following the anti-Semitic videos he posted and the subsequent outrage. YouTube has cancelled the second Season of Felix Kjellberg’s reality show that was a YouTube Red exclusive named Scare PewDiePie. The second big hit was that PewDiePie would no longer be within the “ad preferred” category in the YouTube syst...

The Driv3r scandal lost to time

Sometimes, scandals and issues that shook the gaming world get lost amongst the constant barrage of new games, news and problems. Even the gross offenders can get a pass as time moves on. This can lead to some of the most heinous actions done by Gamers, Critics, Publishers and Developers to be forgotten. One such scandal that has met such a fate was the entire Driv3r (Driver 3) debacle from 2004. ...

5 Very Odd Things Non-Pokémon Fans Probably Don’t Know

Despite its childlike appeal, the Pokémon franchise has a few dark sides to it and comes with a fair amount of controversy. Pokéfans, like me, are well aware of the many mistakes and WTF’s in the game – especially certain Pokédex entries. Many people have even come up with a few theories and conspiracies about certain aspects of the Pokémon universe. This list might be a little bit long, but...

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