Xbox Live on other platforms? GDC session planned to announce cross-platform service

Microsoft wants its services to stretch well beyond its own hardware.

Epic Games will merge your Fortnite accounts, if you split things up

Admin issues will be out of your way soon as you cross-platform your way to a magic bus ride.

ARK: Survival Evolved can have cross-platform play, but Sony won’t allow it

Sony has stopped another game from being able to be enjoyed cross-platform. At this point, we're wondering what kind of dino doodoo they have been smoking.

Minecraft would have had cross-play with PS4, but Sony refused

Microsoft is seeking to unify Minecraft players on all platforms, but Sony is being difficult.

Rocket League devs are ready for cross-platform play between Xbox One and PS4

Not so long ago Microsoft stated that it would be open to having players play against each other from two different console platforms. Sony responded with something that makes it obvious that they’re not all that keen to have PS4 players playing online against Xbox One gamers. Let’s be honest, there are more PS4 owners, and Sony really does not need this. However, we’re sure that...

Xbox One players will soon have cross-platform support, even possibly with PS4 gamers

When Rocket League was released on PS4 and PC in July last year, it did so to an incredible reception from critics and consumers alike. Xbox players had to sit on the sideline and wait for half a year before they could see what all the ruckus was about. They did however, not get the coolest feature that both PC and PS4 players have been enjoying. That big omission from the Xbox One version of the ...

Rocket League allows for cross-platform multiplayer for PC and PS4

As much as I understand it from a business a business perspective, it really is a shame that more games don’t feature cross-platform multiplayer. There have been very few games that support it and that often means that groups of friends can’t play together purely because they favour the exclusives offered by different platforms. This is why it’s great to see games being released ...

Why is cross-platform gaming still a problem in 2014? I’m tired of this crap

It’s something that’s bugged me for quite some time quite honestly. About three weeks ago I posted a news piece on why Destiny will not support cross-platform gaming. Then last week I was discussing a Call of Duty session online with a friend and, because we own different platforms, we were denied that privilege. So why the f#$k do we still have to live with this incompatibility in 201...

This is why Destiny does not support cross-platform play

Cross-platform play has been achieved in the past with something like Portal 2 and Shadowrun. It’s always fun to play with or against your buddies, no matter what platform they’re on. Yes, PC gamers will always have an advantage with a  mouse and keyboard setup, but it still does not remove the fun aspect thereof. This time round PS3 players can’t even play PS4 gamers, so whyR...

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