Deadly Premonition

Six times fans had to fix games

Sometimes the only person fixing a game is a modder. Here are some of the games that you really need mods if you are going to play them.

Ten games inspired by Twin Peaks (Part 2)

We take a look at ten games that owe their existence and being to Twin Peaks. A celebration as season 3 is set to premiere. Also we finally get to *that* game. (Part 2 of 2)

The Deadly Premonition Board Game meets its Kickstarter goal in first 9 hours

Compete against other detectives while trying to solve a murder mystery.

Mad genius Swery65 leaves his development company

If you’ve never played Deadly Premonition, you’ve missed out on some good times. It was a weird and wonderful trip through B-movie campiness and absolute absurdity. You go through the game in a haze of “WTF am I looking at” and “that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever”, but the experience you form it is truly unique. It’s incredibly dumb, yet surprisi...

Deadly Premonition Gets A Collector’s Edition 5 Years After Its Release

This tidbit of news was so odd, I just had to spread the word. The apparent cult classic Deadly Premonition, originally released on the Xbox 360 in 2010, will now receive a collector’s edition. It’s not a remastered version or anything, it’s the same old Director’s cut, which was released for PS3 in 2013, with a few added bonuses. The collector’s edition includes the ...

Deadly Premonition director really wants to make a “perverted” game

Chances are you’ve played the cult classic Deadly Premonition, or you’ve had your hand at D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die on the Xbox One. For those who have not played either – let’s just say that the director and writer, Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro, has a mind that is more cooked than Suda 51. In an interview with Metro he was asked what project he’s curren...

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