Death Stranding

Death Stranding launches on 8 November

A gameplay video worth watching.

Death Stranding release date might be close, pre-order appears on PSN

The pre-order bonuses are... uhmm... very 'Kojima'.

Updated: Hideo Kojima teases one helluva cryptic video for Death Stranding

Just look at that smug grin, knowing we'll eat it all up and still not understand one thing.

Death Stranding at a ‘critical phase’ according to Kojima

Still no clue as to when it's actually releasing.

Walmart Canada is at it again, lists Death Stranding as a June 2019 release

It's likely a placeholder. Hideo Kojima probably doesn't even know when it'll launch.

Death Stranding will have an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show

Maybe then will we know what the heck is going on.

A PlayStation video description finally tells us more about Death Stranding

A bit more story details, but you'll still feel stranded.

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